Those were the best times in my life

“Those were the best times in my life” – Nested Scrolls by Rudy Rucker

9 thoughts on “Those were the best times in my life

  1. its smell, running with open arms and hands through such a field – thank you for the memories, of yes, probably the best times.

    1. Especially the smell. When you were so small you could barely look over the stems. We built round circles in the fields. Lying there and looking up in the blue sky. Hiding from everybody. Especially the grown ups. And yes, I am sure the farmers loved us kids building these circles …

    1. Thank you. For me seeing the fields just before harvest always means: this is summer! The world is in order. Everything is alright.
      Right now you can hear the farmers with their harvesters. Today when we came home from work there were clouds of golden dust on the right and left of the street.

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