You’re the only person I can be all of myself with

“You’re the only person I can be all of myself with” – Permission to Enter by Zadie Smith

9 thoughts on “You’re the only person I can be all of myself with

  1. I have just looked at your last four posts. They are brilliant. Had me laughing as well as thinking.

    This one had me wondering just who exactly in this world we can be ALL myself with.

    1. Thank you very much, :-) … I love it when I can make people laugh and think.

      The story goes on, with Leah being the one making this comment and Natalie, i.e. Ms. Blake, being the story’s main character:

      “Which comment made Natalie begin to cry, not really at the sentiment but, rather, out of a fearful knowledge that, if reversed, the statement woulhd be rendered practically meaningless, Ms. Blake having no self to be, not with Leah, or with anyone.”

      So perhaps it’s not about who we can be all ourselves with but having a self to be, for a start.

    1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah .. of course … aaaaaaaaah .. I have seen two-chair shots before. Of course. You do them.
      Thanks for the inspiration – it’s always amazing how the mind works on a subconscious level. Of course this is influenced by your work.
      Thank you very much! For everything!

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