But I’m a lot tougher than you are

“But I’m a lot tougher than you are” – The Golden Vanity by Ben Lerner

13 thoughts on “But I’m a lot tougher than you are

    1. And … the quote is a woman saying this to a man … who is going to go to the dentist the next day … and wonders what kind of anesthetization he should choose … so I thought these huge teeth are the right thing to pair with this quote.
      And we all know how … delicate… men are .. and which is the tougher gender …

      1. When it comes to dental work, I’m sure women are tougher. My Grandmother Grant refused to have any anesthetic no matter what the dentist was doing, and those were the days before the water cooled high speed drills. I still insist on novocain to deaden my teeth when having them drilled.

        1. Brrr — I feel dizzy imagining this.
          I usually choose no anesthetic, too, unless the dentist thinks otherwise. Most of the time, not. I am tough, :-). No, not really. But I hate the nump feeling in my lips that might go on for hours.
          In Germany usually there is only the option of local anesthetization, I have never heard of IV etc..

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