9 thoughts on “It was like being punished at school

  1. Did you ever get put in the corner at school? I didn’t … but I got put outside the door once, a humiliating experience for someone who was usually top of the class.

    BTW it’s good to see you back.

    1. Outside the door was the usual punishment at my school, too. And yes I remember being put outside the door … once or twice. I think for telling jokes … hm … . At this time of my life (13/14 years old) I guess I thought it rather cool …

      Thank you :-D

    1. grin. The French hydrants are very heterogeneous in form and size. This indeed is one of the nicer ones. I thought it looked a little bit forlorn. With this cloud of loud and angry tagging over it’s head. Like two evil teachers shouting.

    1. :-) – the posts that work best – in my opinion – are the ones that didn’t take much time. Read a sentence. Look at a photo. Read another sentence. Compose post. Publish.
      Like this one.
      I like it very much, I have to admit.
      I like all the different patterns on the wall, too, btw. That’s so typical of French cities and villages. And the hydrant seemed to me like a small schoolboy. Don’t ask my why, though ;-).

  2. What a great picture and sentence to it. Yes, life at school was difficult, and mostly I felt like these words; mostly due to other students though.

    1. Thank you! I always liked school, I liked (and still like) learning, and, as I remember it, haha, I got on well with the other students – but the teachers, uuuugh. Looking back after decades now I can say that some of them never should have been teachers. But – the few who were good influenced me for the rest of my life. So: it was worth it, going to school ;-).

  3. I thought you all shouldn’t miss the spam comment that arrived on this post today:

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