I knew I should have said goodbye at least

“I knew I should have said goodbye at least” – Amundsen by Alice Munro

8 thoughts on “I knew I should have said goodbye at least

    1. I am not sure about second chances in this case – too many empty houses, not enough money for anyhing. Brignoles is still waiting to be dicovered by gentrification – or British expats.

    1. Yes – one of the old cities where one sees no chance in the future. The photographer is happy about the many opportunities, the traveller wonders where this will end. Interestingly all the decayed buildings and structures were embellished with art. Like the one I posted the day after. Everywhere. Like someone is silently complaining about the faded hopes and dreams.

    1. Thank you very much! Me, too. In this case, I wonder if at night some artists stroll through the narrow streets and put their paintings and stuff on the walls – knowing that his will be the only thing they can do to give the decay some dignity.

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