Still, there are things we want but cannot have

“Still, there are things we want but cannot have” – The Semplica-Girl Diaries by George Saunders

8 thoughts on “Still, there are things we want but cannot have

  1. The balance between private and public is an issue, especially in suburban area where housing developments and shopping malls are private. Corporations make the rules, public lawmakers and governments have little or no authority.

    Great combination of photo and quote.

    1. Markus may correct me, if I am wrong, but we don’t see this development in Germany. And many parts of Europe, too, I suppose.

      Thank you. For whatever reason this year all the “privée” signs caught my eye and I took quite some photos. The moment you start looking for these, they are everywhere. Fortunately, usually it’s only about parking.

      1. The growth of private space does not happen too much within cities, but it has become rampant in U. S. suburbs surrounding cities. Malls and many subdivisions have their own private security force to enforce rules written by the corporations that own the real estate. That is why photography is banned in many shopping malls. Housing developments have gate houses manned by security personnel. Unless one lives there or is an invited guest, entrance into the neighborhood is banned. Residents must also live up to the rules passed by the corporation. The gated community is the fastest growing residential area in the U.S and is a threat to democratic freedoms.

        Good to know this trend is not common in Europe.

        Did you see Carl Weese’s post today? Four fire hydrants.

        1. Your description sounds a little bit Orwellian to me. Gated communities. Corporate rules to follow.
          This is complicated.
          In Germany you can’t make rules as a corporation, a landlord, a house owner etc. that are in contrast to the law or that are in contrast to morality. “Unconscionability” doesn’t quite fit it.
          For example a lease contract might include the paragraph: Tenant is not allowed to have guests.
          I could sign this contract but this paragraph would be of no effect: of course I can have guests. There is nothing the landlord could do about it.
          Hmm, like I said, complicated .. I am sorry if my explanation is a little bit clumsy.

          In the end what I wanted to say is that I am quite sure that this could ever happen in Germany.

          And yes, of course I saw Carl’s hydrants :-)

    1. Yep – I thought (hoped) that this would make a nice Japanese flag. The wall was really huge and the sign really tiny in comparison. I hoped this could be shown in the photo: so much empty space that is declared private!
      In reality it was – of course – the parking lot in front of the wall that was private – I am not sure if there are “restricted stopping” signs like this in the U.S. …
      Today in contrast to this immaculate wall I posted a wall that needs repair. Or not? ;-)

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