Alone in a cozy little place, calm and untroubled

“Alone in a cozy little place, calm and untroubled” – Fischer vs. Spassky by Lara Vapnyar

8 thoughts on “Alone in a cozy little place, calm and untroubled

    1. :-D

      “Their outhouse was exceptionally roomy and clean, with the bare minimum of stench. In the daytime, light came in through a tiny overhead window, just enough to read by.

      Reading these scraps of Pravda filled Marina with a strange sense of comfort. Here she was, alone in a cozy little place, calm and untroubled, while other people went about their lives.”

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    1. The German word for this would be “selbstgefällig” … i.e. smug, holier-than-thou, self-congratulatory. This does fit, doesn’t it ;-)?


      1. How right you are in your assessment of both the statue and of Rush Limbaugh. Your description is perfect, and you have taught me an excellent German word. Now I just have to figure out how to use it in a sentence.

        I read the New Yorker short story, Fischer vs. Spassky by Lara Vapnyar. Most interesting. I remember that match well, and followed the moves with a chess playing friend, but nothing important shifted in my life as as a consequence of the outcome.

        1. It’s a sad story. I liked it. I always find it amazing how authors can tell whole lives in a few pages. With only telling fragments of the life’s story.,

          A quotation from “Reservation Blues” I found this week:

          “If God were good, why would he create Rush Limbaugh?”


          1. Great quote from Sherman Alexie. Rush is an archetype of selbstgefällig. He also likes to attack people who don’t deserve attack. So he shows up as a negative example in many places. Those who follow Rush, and there are many, are not bad people, but often poorly informed and too narrow in their views.

            Enjoyed the Lara Vapnyar story very much. It puts a human face on large political movements and how they influenced them personally.

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