Play it again

“Play it again” – Reservation Blues by Sherman Alexie

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  1. There is a fountain similar to this in Kansas City, MO with dozens of randomly pulsing water jets. Kids love to play in the water on warm summer days, but this time of year that fountain is turned off. You perfectly capture the cool, wetness of the water.

    1. Almost the same, only the rhythm wasn’t random but followed some complicated pattern and you could sit there and stare and try to identify the pattern endlessly. Was fun. Especially after some hours of sightseeing. This is in Manosque.

      1. Perhaps there is a complicated pattern that I just thought was random. Likely there was and I was just too dim or was more interested in watching the kids frolicking in the water. One of the excellent things about touring and photography is that you can stop, and take a few minutes to compose a photo. By the time it is taken you are refreshed enough to go on.

        1. Unfortunately nowadays you might watch the kids frolicking but you should never take their photo. I am just reading “Street Photography Now” and there is one part about how taking photos of children will be forbidden – if not by law than by consensus of society. Let me see if I can find the passage …
          “However photographers do not exit in a moral bubble … although we may regret that so few of today’s street photographers will document the spontaneity and fearlessness of children playing in public places, contempary concerns about photographing minors seem unavoidable.”
          Sorry if I digressed – just came to my mind.

          1. This may be a digression, but you bring up an important point. I never consciously photograph children. As an old geezer, I would immediately be classified as a “dirty old man.” Not wanting to be chased by an angry mob of umbrella wielding moms, I never point a lens toward children I don’t know or to which I’m not related..

          2. This August I have been sitting in the Tuilleries, watching a kindergarten group of perhaps 10 – 15 children. They were sitting in a circle with their two teachers and doing whatever 5years old do. For a split of a second I thought that this would make a nice photo: the sun, the trees, the shadows, the group in its diversity, all colours,all nations, having fun, being fearless, laughing.
            Then a guy, perhaps a tourist, came, around 60 years, stopped in front of the group two meters away and started taking photos with his snapandshoot camera. I was really speechless. How could he dare? The two teachers were not amused, either and told him to stop this and go away. He did immediately.
            But really, what do people think? Do they think at all?

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