But already the moment was gone

“But already the moment was gone” – Demeter by Maile Meloy

8 thoughts on “But already the moment was gone

    1. I talked about this with a friend (not a photographer) who came back from her vacation in India and was sad about all the photographic opportunities she thought she had missed. I told her I think it’s better to miss an opportunity than to take a bad photo.
      I can always imagine how good a photo I might have taken would have been if I hadn’t missed the opportunity but I can never really delete the bad photo I took.

  1. Photograph is so immediate that often the right moment slips away and is gone forever. I’ve probably missed more great moments than I have taken photographs. Great graffiti, some like drawing better than photography.

    Somehow I’ve never thought of you as the Big Bad Wolf. But there you go. Thanks for the chuckle.

      1. Michael Murphy has an amazing website. His most recent post just blew me away. I can see why that moment was unphotographable. He could have traded shots with the drug dealer, only the drug dealer would have had a gun, not a camera.

        1. Yes, it’s very impressive. I like how he does not whine about the moments gone but makes them into another art form: narrative non-photography. We can all take the photo ourselves in our imagination.

          1. Skilled writers can paint a picture with words that draws you in. Murphy can do that. I had an uncle who could do that too. He made his living writing stories, and was a terrific story teller. Traveling salesmen would come from far and wide just to sit and listen to him spin a yarn. I’m more visual myself.

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