Continuous indicates an uninterrupted sequence


“Continuous indicates an uninterrupted sequence” – Troublesome Words by Bill Bryson

4 thoughts on “Continuous indicates an uninterrupted sequence

  1. Hoffentlich kennen sich die Nachbar auch und sprechen miteinander. Beeindruckend das Fehlen der Zwischenräume.

    1. Interesting that someone who is living with all the space around her one could wish for likes a photo of a cramped neighbourhood ;-).
      I did some research:
      Australia population density 2.8/km2
      France population density 116/km2 (where the photo was taken)
      Germany population density 229/km2

      Ouch, I didn’t know that. No wonder my neighbours get on my nerves :-)

      Thank you, I did enjoy the last week.

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