You might envision a better life for yourself


“You might envision a better life for yourself” – Troublesome Words by Bill Bryson

4 thoughts on “You might envision a better life for yourself

  1. Oh yes, I’d order lobster and Champaign to be served on the best china and in crystal glasses. But that is only a dream. The best lobster I ever ate was on a boat to Bimini and was served on a paper plate. BTW, your photos capture a bygone era of 60 or more years ago. Perfect that they should be in b&w as most all photos were in that era.

    1. I told most about the story in the comments to the previous post – no lobster there.
      Our former chancellor, Kohl, used to invite foreign statesmen to “Saumagen” – stuffed pig’s stomach … I guess this would have been the menu of the day if he had ever used this yacht – which I don’t know. No lobster.
      For whatever reason I did not take that many photos inside the ship this day – so there will be no more. Thank you.

      1. I never expected there really would be lobster. I was just envisioning a better life for myself. Depending on what goes into a “Saumagen” it might be similar to the Scottish haggis (which can be both excellent or terrible depending on the skills of the chef).

  2. Ah, sorry, your comment was totally insync with Carl’s in the last post – and somehow I was responding to both when responding to you. This sometimes happens when I think about what a has said and what b has said … and .. and … :-)
    Since I am one of these vegetarians who eat fish (and eggs and cheese and drink milk etc.) I would definitely prefer the lobster.
    Let’s see if I find an English recipe for Saumagen – ha, no need, there is wikipedia:

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