Come in and look


“Come in and look” – The Woman Who Wouldn’t Die by Colin Cotterill

4 thoughts on “Come in and look

  1. Looks to be art on the walls. That would draw me in to have a look. Odd that the blinds are on the outside of the windows where they are not protected from the weather. I like your composition here with rectangles and vertical lines.

    1. In fact – it’s a lab. Nowadays the “Kinder Uni” i.e. Childrens’ University mostly uses it. The posters on the back wall are Kinder Uni posters and stuff. Childrens’ Uni gives childrem from age 8 to 14 approx the opportunity to attend lectures, make fun things in the labs etc..
      The blinds are outdoor blinds made out of metal.
      The building is in a bad state like many buildings at campus – it should have been demolished years ago but there is not enough space, so … it’s still used.
      The photo is part of my ongoing and not yet published series of photos of the university campus ;-)
      Thank you very much!

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