New experiences take the place of old ones


“New experiences take the place of old ones” – The Furies by Paul Theroux

6 thoughts on “New experiences take the place of old ones

  1. This looks like a scene that one might find in any city park here in the US, complete with the graffiti on the wall and the well-used basketball hoop. Nice work, Martina.

    1. Basketball is not really a typical German sport – in the end you’ll find more people playing football (i.e. soccer) in parks and public yards than basketball. But it’s cool. Like skateboarding.
      And it’s very convenient: a hoop, a little bit of space and voil√†: people have fun!

      1. Convenience, as you point out, is a major attraction of basketball. No fancy equipment needed, just a backboard, hoop, and ball. The courts are usually public, so kids only need a ball. If one kid brings a ball, 10-12 can play a game. This is why basketball is so popular in the inner city. It is mostly free to play, unlike baseball requiring expensive equipment and a large field.

        Know what you mean about football, aka soccer. This sport also needs only a ball, and a place to kick it around. I played soccer in HS, but I was always ahead of my time.

        1. I played basketball in HS – with my 1.64m ;-) .. and soccer as a child. Was the usual thing we did, playing soccer – literally everywhere where there was a little bit of space.

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