She nodded but said nothing


“She nodded but said nothing” – Summer of ’38 by Colm Toibin

7 thoughts on “She nodded but said nothing

  1. Great picture, but now I’m curious. What kind of bird is that? Looks like some sort of duck, but I’ve never seen one like that over here in the States.

    1. Thanks for the information. I never heard of an Egyptian Goose before. They might not have made it over to the US, but we are over run with Canada Geese. They are everywhere!

      1. Canadian Geese came to Gemany in the 1970’s. I am not sure I ever saw one. Wikipedia says “Greater Canada Geese have also been introduced in Europe, and have established populations in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Scandinavia. Semi-tame feral birds are common in parks, and have become a pest in some areas.”

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