No one was sure who would come back


“No one was sure who would come back” – Summer of ’38 by Colm Toibin

4 thoughts on “No one was sure who would come back

    1. I guess I was inspired by all the stories about sinkholes in Florida that have been in the news … imagine living in a house that suddenly …

  1. Love the color here, the subtle greenish tinge to the bark with the acidic blue paint. Birdhouses aren’t made this way over here–is the crossbar at the top meant as a perch? Oh, wait, was this a birdhouse or a bird feeder? Hmm…

    1. I think it’s a bird feeder. Strange thing is it clearly looks hand made but was attached high up in a city tree (that’s 300mm with me standing on the ground, of course ;-))
      Perhaps some project?
      Thank you – the colours are clearly what colours are/have been in the last months and weeks. Typical.

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