10 thoughts on “They had left nothing to chance

          1. Since this is Germany, women drink beer, too! ;-P

            But really, I am sure the female birds didn’t have the time to sit there, having a good day … they are away, catching fish and sfutf … working …

  1. For no reason I can fathom, other than birds, this reminds me of that picture of a man feeding swans that was on T.O.P. last week. Maybe it’s the geometry. Lovelt shot!

    1. Hmmhmmm, yes, of course I saw the photo. I even pinned it on pinterest. I never thought this might have influenced my choice — but, really, who knows? It’s not that far fetched – there must have been a reason I chose this photo.
      Hmmhmmm. I usually don’t think about why I chose which photo and which quote (usually I am so tired I just … pick something ;-)).

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