You have to do something


“You have to do something” – The Judge’s Will by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

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  1. Very nice picture, Martina. I have to ask, how did you ever get this shot? You must be on a bridge of some sort. I’ve often wanted to stop on my drives to take pictures like these, but most times it’s not safe to stop, much less stand out there with a camera.

    1. I took the photo here:

      Germany is pedestrian friendly :-) – as you can see there is a sidewalk. The spot is about 10 or 15 minutes by foot from my home.

      Bridges that cross the autobahns are quite common, may they be for cars or pedestrians. You can often see families on the Sunday walk watching the cars go by since it’s fun for the children to look at all the cars.
      There are even bridges for animals, i.e. wildlife crossing bridges.

      Thank you!

  2. There is an overpass on I-84 west of Waterbury, CT, that gives a great view of the highway racing toward the city where it goes straight across the town, elevated a couple hundred feet. There’s a nice sidewalk, but the problem is, there’s a high chain link fence above the low wall and railing of the overpass, placed there to keep playful gang members from dropping cinder blocks onto the cars below. Sometime when the weather and light are just right I’ve got to work out a way to align a camera with a small enough lens so that it looks through an opening in the chain link to get the shot.

  3. Indeed we have problems, too. Not gang members dropping cinder blocks but stupid youth throwing stones and pepples at cars.
    So far no high fences here, I am glad this is not necessary yet, since the stone throwing incidents are few.

    I wonder how it would work if you use the fence, or the openings of the fience, as a means of perspective/composition. In case you don’t find a small enough lens ;-).
    I have no idea about the size of US chain link fence openings, the German variations are okay for φ55mm lenses.
    An alternative would be a wire cutter … … …naaaaaaa of course I am joking ….

  4. Interesting conversation on this one. Pedestrian overpasses here do tend to have some sort of wire above them, but certainly big enough for a lens to peep through.

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