A team – that’s how it felt


“A team – that’s how it felt” – Marjorie Lemke by Sarah Braunstein

8 thoughts on “A team – that’s how it felt

  1. Fine photo of a pair of tired ducks. They likely traveled a long way to arrive in the north country. I see the male has the higher rock. Perhaps he is a lookout to protect the female?

    1. Aaah, I didn’t realize the “male on the rock” thing. Indeed. Male. What can I say? Always have to put themselves in the prominent spot. ;-)
      However, they don’t travel. They live here all year round. Everywhere. Mallards even live (and breed) in atriums at the university where I work – as long as there is a puddle they seem to be content.

      1. Around here Mallard ducks migrate with the season, and they are just back now. Lakes still frozen, but there is some open water. Sounds like they are a nuisance in your community. I still like your photo.

        1. Nonononono, no nuisance. Definitely not. They are many, yes, but they stick to pools, ponds, lakes and rivers and sometimes they walk the streets and the buildings’ hallways :-). They are quite cute and I have never heard of anybody who doesn’t like them.

          1. Canada geese have gotten to be a problem in Chicago as they occupy every pond, lake, and golf course water hazard. They look noble, but can leave quite a mess where they hang out. They are no problem around here however.

          2. The German Wikipedia article about mallards even has its own chapter: Die Stadtente = the city mallard.
            I just learned, that mallards in Northern and Eastern Europe are migratory birds, indeed.
            But not here. It’s warm enough (harrharr) obviously.

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