I’m sorry to barge


“I’m sorry to barge” – Marjorie Lemke by Sarah Braunstein

12 thoughts on “I’m sorry to barge

  1. The quote is perfect for this image, considering the type of boat that is shown and above that, the name on the boat! I got a chuckle out of this today. Great work, Martina!

    1. Thank you very much!
      I just read the press release about the ship christening (4/10/2012 – its birthday is in four days) but they gave no reason for the name. All the other ships in the fleet are named after cities, places, people.

    1. And we are both showing photos of visits with/at relatives ;-) – only my visiting my in-laws was a short one: one afternoon, fifteen minutes by car away.

    1. Thank you!
      I am still imagining Frank Sinatra standing on the deck, waiting for the lock gate to open, singing …
      This is a double hull tanker, btw.

  2. @ all:
    Yes, this was fun. I wasn’t sure at first if there would be a word play involved, since I only knew the German word “Barge” and I wondered …
    Greman “Barge” is the same as English “barge”.
    However there is no German verb “to barge” … so .. in the end I was a little bit proud of having “the feeling” for word plays etc. in a foreign language, I must admit.
    Thank you all for your comments!

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