There’s no importance whatsoever


“There’s no importance whatsoever” – Feynman by Ottaviani&Myrick

13 thoughts on “There’s no importance whatsoever

      1. This drawing must be a body outline from the last person to perish on these steps. At least he died happy.

        BTW, did you know that Germany was just found to be the most liked country in the world? A poll was taken from 26,000 people world wide.

          1. Most of the gnomes I have seen so far (besides the traditional ones) are distressing tasteless and/or vulgar. :-(

  1. wenn das blatt zu klein ist, malen kinder auch noch die tapete oder den tisch an … das sprang mir als erstes in den kopf :-)
    wunderbarer fund!

    1. Oder wenn überall sonst gepflastert ist … Danke schön — war nicht sehr schwer zu finden, die Nachbachskinder fast vor der Haustüre :-)

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