I believe there’s beauty in all dimensions


“I believe there’s beauty in all dimensions” – Feynman by Ottaviani&Myrick

9 thoughts on “I believe there’s beauty in all dimensions

    1. It’s sitting on the lawn in front of the office building where I work. I couldn’t get a decent photo. Either it was raining or – in the case of this photo – the sun was shining and everyone was on the lawn sunbathing. This was the only photo I could take without stepping on someone.
      It’s still a surreal sight sitting there on the lawn under the trees for a week now. No idea what it’s up to ….

      1. The name on the tractor is “Zublin” a major German construction company, so I suspect the University is going to build a new building. The sunbathing lawn may become a building site. This is a small crawler tractor, so I suspect a small building is going up unless its big brother shows up.

        1. Now, today, I can tell you that they used it to flatten the part of the lawn that was more a wilderness and I really think (and hope) for some new grass seeds! HA! No more construction! HA!

          1. So far I am right :-) – they even brought some top soil and distributed it over the flattened ground. Since then … nothing … I guess university ran out of grass seed … .

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