You ruined my experiment


“You ruined my experiment” – Feynman by Ottaviani&Myrick

13 thoughts on “You ruined my experiment

    1. Nikon – nah! Olympus, ’cause they build those tiny endoscopes. Ideal, but certainly not to everybody’s taste, ahem.

      1. I’m trying to not even think about endoscopes, let alone how they are used. Olympus camera are fine. Camera brands are less important than other variables. Never know what one might find hiding in a thatch roof.

          1. Lol – I didn’t make this connection. But hey, from now on I will think of endoscopes every time I see cctv!

        1. Oh. I didn’t know. Or I forgot. I am sorry. :-( I thought you weren’t using the Sony because of the weight and bulk. Or you just wanted to use another camera.

  1. LOL! Robinson Crusoe is watching you! You can contact him via e-mail: “” :D

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