You’re not safe here


“You’re not safe here” – Brotherly Love by Jhumpa Lahiri

4 thoughts on “You’re not safe here

  1. Interesting picture, Martina. I like your choice of depth of field here. Can you tell me a little about the location? It’s not every patio that has its own “cannon” for protection. Well, at least it looks like a small cannon.

    1. It does indeed look like a cannon. That’s why I chose this quote. It’s a castle nearby, in a wonderful landscape. Right now there is a famous (at least in our neck of the woods ;-)) music festival happening there.
      Forgive me I don’t explain in my own words since it’s much more easy for me to link to English articles in the internet than to explain myself:

  2. Thank you for the links, Martina. It looks like a fascinating place with a rich history. I find it fascinating that they’ve been making wine here for over 900 years! I also find it very interesting that at one time this place was a Benedictine Monastery. I was educated by the Benedictines through high school here so I’m quite familiar with them. Believe me, your mastery of English is much better than my knowledge of German, even though I spent two years of high school and a year in college studying the German language.

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