Was that thing screaming for him?


“Was that thing screaming for him?” – From a Farther Room by David Gilbert

6 thoughts on “Was that thing screaming for him?

    1. Yes, indeed. Mainz is not that bad graffiti wise. There is even an annual graffiti contest … but I don’t really like commissioned street art that much.
      It’s a contest in the sister city, Wiesbaden, and it takes place at the bridge that connects Mainz with Wiesbaden (and yes, this part would be Mainz if not for an US Army officer who made some wrong decision about borders after WWII …. looooooooong story ;-) – however in the opinion of the people in Mainz this contest takes place in Mainz, not Wiesbaden. Somehow.


      See, address is Mainz-Kastel .. ha!

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