The conspirators sit smoking thoughtfully


“The conspirators sit smoking thoughtfully” – The Colonel’s Daughter by Robert Coover

4 thoughts on “The conspirators sit smoking thoughtfully

    1. :-) – I was sure I would come back with some gorgeous mountain vista or some nice cows but when I read this sentence (that is the first sentence of a short story in one of the New Yorkers that arrived while I was away) I simply couldn’t resist ;-)

      1. Don’t fret. Your pink hydrant photo is funny, and the quote perfect for it. When the fit so well together go for it. Hope your trip was a great success and you face the fall with renewed energy and insight.

        1. Before fall there usually is what we call “Altweibersommer”, i.e. old women’s summer. A little bit like Indian Summer. But this year – baaaaaaah.
          Thank you.

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