What are you getting so excited about?


“What are you getting so excited about?” – The Breeze by Joshua Ferris

2 thoughts on “What are you getting so excited about?

    1. Ah, thank you so much!
      I always want to make a point that flowing water is not to be photographed in long exposure wishiwashi fairy tale mode. I am really sick of seeing all these waterfalls and streams that look like a too thin silk curtain is falling down a mountain. This does not do right to the energy, power and force of water.
      I made many of these photos (at least as many as of cattle ;-)) and I would really like to print them in a huge format. Let’s see.
      Ah yes, a rainy Saturday. Time and leisure for rants!
      Thanks again – I always feel I am alone with my liking of photographing water in reality mode ;-)

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