You’re in charge now


“You’re in charge now” – I’m The Meat, You’re The Knife by Paul Theroux

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  1. Puch has always made reliable motorbikes for basic transportation. In the U.S. they used to make a fine 2-stroke 350 cc motorcycle for Sears Department stores, but air pollution issues brought that to an end. They were lots faster than walking, Nice quote.

    1. They even made cars until 1975. I didn’t know that.
      You rarely see the Puch motorbikes anymore but I read they are still very much in use in the eastern parts of Europe.

  2. Don’t think Puch cars were never imported to the U.S.. Surprised they have become so uncommon. Perhaps they need designers to make their product sexy and economically competitive. There is a new wave of scooter popularity here. Perhaps they can survive?

      1. I saw that when I looked up the company history. Also Piaggio closed the Austrian plant, but can use the logo so perhaps new models might happen. There is some collector interest in scooters. They also produced bicycles, which I had forgotten.

        Their 2 cycle 250 cc motorcycles had a unique motor with two pistons and a single combustion chamber. The arrangement increased efficiency apparently.

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