Everything’s going to be all right


“Everything’s going to be all right” – I’m The Meat, You’re The Knife by Paul Theroux

7 thoughts on “Everything’s going to be all right

  1. interesting picture and quote. I’m not familiar with the book you quote here, but from the title, I would guess that everything is not going to be alright for this fellow. Do you look for subjects to photograph while you’re reading a particular book, or do find photos that you have taken to pair with your quotes?

    1. Was a short story in The New Yorker – the story itself isn’t online but a short interview with Paul Theroux is: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/books/2013/09/this-week-in-fiction-paul-theroux-im-the-meat-youre-the-knife.html

      No, I don’t look for subjects – usually I read something, find a sentence that sounds right and look for a photo. I try to keep the blog varied – not too funny, not too moody, not too serious. So some evenings I might go to and from the text to the photos and the photos back to the text until I find something. I took these photos in September while on vacation in the Austrian Alps and I think I will show some more until I finally will find enough is enough, ;-)

      1. As a mountain cow, she enjoys great views. Since she has never seen anything else, perhaps she doesn’t know how beautiful the scenery is, but I know she enjoys the grass. As a contented cow she produces great milk.

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