I doubt any of us rest until our dreams do too


“I doubt any of us rest until our dreams do too” – Stray by Jim Murdoch

7 thoughts on “I doubt any of us rest until our dreams do too

  1. Again, perfect quote for a really fine image. There’s lots for the eye to wander through, and a good deal of inspiration to subconsciously bring image and words together. Add to that the feeling of a “real person” in the construct, and there is a wonderful setup for seeing/thinking/living.

    P.S. And it goes very well what I read on conscientious now, waiting for the UMTS network connecting again to post this comment

    1. Funnily – or even a little bit spooky – I read this, too. After posting this, though. The quote, the sentence is something that resonates very much with me. And I couldn’t think of a better photo than this self portrait.
      And Daniel Reuter’s photos could be mine. In the sense of “Oh, that’s exactly what I have would have photographed!”
      UMTS? Hmm, did I miss something about you being abroad again? Or is this all you can get in your neck of the woods? :-P Or did you finally buy a .. no, eh? ;-)

      Thank you very much for this comment!

    2. Aaah, he is shortlisted:
      Shortlisted for First Photobook of the Year / Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards 2013.
      Did I mention I have tickets for Paris Photo, yay! :-D

  2. Paris, sigh…
    But at least I am booked to Lyon for some b…ing meetings. And no, UMTS is just for commuting, out of Rosenheim for example where I get a connection for seven minutes….

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