You could make an honest effort to remember


“You could make an honest effort to remember” – A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway

6 thoughts on “You could make an honest effort to remember

    1. :-) – that’s why I chose the photo with the boyfriend’s legs showing. The one without him was more confusing but also more … boring. Somehow.

    1. Yes, the mirrors are a nice addition. It’s a small elevator that had been added recently. I Iike how the railing’s bend (? is there a word for this, I can’t even think of a German word) repeats itself twice in the mirrors.

  1. The mirrors are a wonderful counterpoint to the stairs. Like Carl it took me a second to read the direction on the stairs, but the legs and feet made it obvious. Memory? I use to have one, but I’ve forgotten.

    1. About the legs and the mirrows, see my replies above please.

      I first looked at the photo without the legs and I made an honest effort to remember what goes up and what goes down ;-) – to no avail.

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