We have something you want


“We have something you want” – The Great Simoleon Caper by Neal Stephenson

6 thoughts on “We have something you want

  1. Great sense of mystery about the content of those folders. Could be wonderful manuscripts for the world’s greatest novels, or it might just be a collection of sales records. No way of knowing.

      1. That’s one of my favorite novels. He reviews most of introduction to philosophy while riding his BMW. My philosopher friend used it as a text with his students. Don’t think they fully appreciated it, but maybe a few did. Perhaps one folder is the shop manual for my motorcycle, but I prefer to think of a great novel manuscript.

        1. I have read it being perhaps 25 – I think it’s one of the things you should read again every other decade – perhaps I should read it again. There are some things that should be read at different stages of your life.

          1. I only had read the German translation and we (that is the boyfriend) only own the German version. It’s well from a time when getting English originals was nearly impossible. I think I should buy the English version.
            Fun fact: I search my Excel sheet of the books I own for “Zen” and found (translation is mine since they are German books):
            1. Zen or the art of murder
            2. Zen or the art of being mindful to oneself and one’s computer.

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