You have something we want


“You have something we want” – The Great Simoleon Caper by Neal Stephenson

8 thoughts on “You have something we want

      1. I usually think of a GoPro and mounted to a crash helmet or a race car. It looks odd on a tripod. Building has an interesting history. Surprised it’s still there after nearly 1000 years.

        1. We once put a GoPro on a remote-controlled toy car and raced through our server room at work – really funny. I laughed so much I almost crashed the car.

          1. Last season I tried it with a chest mount harness – but really — I am not a spectacular snowboarder … the movie wasn’t spectacular at all … if you are sleepless it might be a good sedative … to be short: it was a litlle bit boring ;-)

          2. Just take your rig up to the double back diamond runs and turn on the GoPro. Then go for it. The falls alone should be spectacular. Just don’t break anything.

          3. I guess the falls are the only things that are spectacular with my snowboarding ;-) – let’s see what this season brings. Something like “Martina is stuck in snow pile again” …

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