4 thoughts on “Where I went I would not go back

    1. I took this photo on one of my 1 hour walks (see the scrappress) a month ago. Nothing has changed much since then. Just today I said we are having November since November – much rain and relatively mild temperatures.

      1. Wish we could say that. This has been a hard winter. Thirteen days in Feb have been below normal temperatures. Fortunately tomorrow should be above normal! There is a calmness in your photo like nature is still asleep.

        1. Right now I find nature a little bit uninspiring. Nothing changes that much. It’s a hint of spring. Only a hint. Really – if there is no winter – it would be nice if the weather could make up its mind – I can’t photograph the hundredth bare tree branch against the sky!
          Okay, first world problem. I know.

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