I think they’re going to fight


“I think they’re going to fight” – A Man in the Woods by Shirley Jackson

7 thoughts on “I think they’re going to fight

    1. Laugh. 15 minute trip with a museum train. And no, I didn’t take it in the end. It was cold, I was tired, I wanted to be home back on my sofa.

      1. Ah, too bad. You missed your meeting with the dark eyed stranger in the fedora who could make you forget your sofa back home. But then I may have mistook this for the overnight train to Budapest.

  1. It has the look of an ancient almost World War II era train. Something out of an old movie. Like that great – and these days largely forgotten or underrated – Czech movie, “Closely Watched Trains”, by Jiri Menzel. With a few adjustments – perhaps in the eye of the viewer – this could be a still from that movie.

    It does conjure up images tough……

    And the moment – with both hands up in the air, signaling, or waving, or exchanging some hidden message in some secret sign language – is great.

    Nice photo.

    1. Oh yes. It’s so cool how you always find similes in literature and film. I didn’t know about the movie but what I read so far about it, it seems worth to watch.

      Thank you again!

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