Am I a good person or a bad person or just a person?


“Am I a good person or a bad person or just a person?” – Wagner in the Desert by Greg Jackson

8 thoughts on “Am I a good person or a bad person or just a person?

    1. Thank you.
      Perhaps this shows a famous French artist I simply don’t recognize? There must be a reason for this garden decoration.
      Your comment describes the spot very well, btw.

  1. This photo reminds me of something – of some places – that I’ve been. Including the garden behind the house where I grew up, a million years ago, that was filled with statues’ heads, staring somewhere only they could see…

    I like it.

    As far as the good person or bad person dichotomy, well, it’s like Eleanor Roosevelt said –

    “A mature person is one….who has learned that there is both good and bad in all people”

    Your statue – your subject – has them both within, I think. The question is….does he know it? :-)

      1. Not sure if it’s Puccini or not….. :-)

        The heads weren’t frightening at all when I was young. They seemed natural, normal – how the world should be. I was really surprised when I discovered that other children didn’t have gardens full of strange foliage and statues, since I thought everyone did.

        And sorry to be redundant but….I really like this photograph.

        1. With some afterthought: yes, it’s the grown-up’s mind that makes this head creepy.

          Must have been wonderful – the garden of your childhood.

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