We had something to say to one another


“We had something to say to one another” – Wagner in the Desert by Greg Jackson

5 thoughts on “We had something to say to one another

  1. Moi, mon âme est fêlée, et lorsqu’en ses ennuis
    Elle veut de ses chants peupler l’air froid des nuits,
    Il arrive souvent que sa voix affaiblie.

    ;-) That’s what they say. Perhaps.

  2. I looked at this photo and couldn’t help it – my immediate reaction was that someone, a long time ago, was leaving a message for his or her soulmate – because of the french word ‘âme’ of course…

    But time has passed, the wall has cracked and one has to stop and wonder – was the message ever read by the person to whom it had been originally addressed? Not unlike, I imagine, the mindset of a shipwrecked person who write a message in a bottle and tosses it into the ocean – but not a general or generic message, but a message to one specific person. Of course, the odds that they will ever get it or read it are infinitesimal –

    Just like, in my imagination, the odds of the right person reading the message.

    Then I saw what you wrote (Moi, mon âme est fêlée, et lorsqu’en ses ennuis) and realized the words were familiar – Baudelaire….les Fleurs du mal. Of course the rest of this particular part is darker still – but it seems fitting, for the state of mind of whoever first wrote it.

    Or….perhaps they were writing something completely different. Maybe it wasn’t to a soulmate….but to any ‘soul’ who happened to read it. A universal message….I like that idea more. But I still want to know what the rest of it says….guess I’m going to have to go there to find out :-)

  3. One more thought on the ‘âme’ in this photo –

    Cicero once wrote, “A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

    Maybe the modern Martina photographic corollary is –

    ‘A wall without a fractured, mysterious partial message….is like a camera without a lens’

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