You and I are not so different


“You and I are not so different” – Wagner in the Desert by Greg Jackson

4 thoughts on “You and I are not so different

  1. Great juxtaposition. On one side, Louis Jouvet in the classic Quai des Orfèvres – on the other what really looks a lot like Woody Allen ….. what a pair! And then the top of the posterboard with its own message – Jouvet J’y vais! But without the u in Jouvet! Maybe individually all of these might be coincidences – but putting them together in one photo makes it….. (drumroll) a chef d’ouevre du surréalisme!

    And in any case a damn cool photo.

  2. Grin – thank you so much.
    Not to forget about Snoopy, though! ;-)

    I think, btw, the owner arranged Allen and Jouvet deliberately this way. This can’t be coincidence.

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