What a wonderful animal!


“What a wonderful animal!” – On the Move by Oliver Sacks

4 thoughts on “What a wonderful animal!

  1. She has a very sweet face even with the stitching on her nose. She must have stuck her nose in where it didn’t belong, but she had fine care.

    Welcome back. Your posts have been missed. Looking forward to seeing your photos from the last month.

    1. Thanks for your nice welcome back.

      I had to get used to seeing huge herds of beef cattle – usually it’s dairy cattle what you see here (or in the Alps for example). They were wonderful. Golden honey coloured Limousin on green pastures in sunshine … .

      You might be interested in my first attemt at serious horse’ photography on the scrappress:


      Much more nervous than cows ;-)

      1. My favorite beef cattle are Angus and Hereford. As a kid I spent one summer on my Uncle’s California ranch where he raised mixed Hereford and Santa Gertudis (King Ranch cattle). At age 10 I had my own Jeep and horse just so I didn’t go off the ranch with them. Had my own horse at home, so no problem riding or caring for him. It was kid heaven.

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