It’s just, I think I know you.


“It’s just, I think I know you.” – Choking Victim by Alexandra Kleeman

11 thoughts on “It’s just, I think I know you.

          1. They?

            That’s not a typo – you don’t really want to tell me that they swim in alpine lakes???

            I fear – they do … brrrrrr. ;-)

            No swim for me below 20°C water temperature. Nope.

            How many times have you been to Krk so far?

          2. Oh yes they did, last weekend…

            Krk? I guess 10 times, maybe more. Twice in August, but never again – crowded and noisy. The good thing is we know a painter there, so there’s always an evening with them, which gives a bit of an inside view to that country.

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