I’ll come back to check on you, okay?

“I’ll come back to check on you, okay?” – Paradise by Toni Morrison

12 thoughts on “I’ll come back to check on you, okay?

    1. I tried to do something different to the usual “oh I am in a Gothic cathedral!” – photo. Of course I did them as well, though. ;-)
      But perhaps with this point of view one might imagine how people might have felt in medieval times entering the cathedral and looking up?

    1. Thanks a lot. Interesting that you mentioned print since I am absolutely clueless if this might work out in print. The original has much noise (ISO 3200), it’s handheld, details on the pillar are fine (you can count the strings on cobwebs) but the background …. uhhh. I love this photo. I don’t know how many times I opened the file in the last days and had a look at it. I might post some detail on the scrappress … in the end I think it’s too noisy and not sharp enough for an even mediocre print. I’ll have to go back with a tripod :-D … some day.

  1. Ahhh.. Look at some of Ralph Gibson’s work. He shot Tri-X and developed in Rodinal, I believe, to achieve a very grainy, very sharp negative. Have a print made and see how you like it. But….tripods are wonderful things. We used to have a sign in our photo lab that offered to double the sharpness of any lens a customer had for $24.95. It was a small cheap tripod of course.

    1. Yes, I think I might put in some work and have it printed. Thanks for all, eh? :-)

      The problems with tripods (and all the other gear) is of course the weight and the bulkiness etc. – do you carry a tripod while on vacation and sightseeing?

      Usually I only use a tripod if I have a PLAN … ;-) – most of the times I don’t have a plan, grin.

  2. When I travel my first support is a nice monopod. They really help. No up and down shake and you can make yourself the other two legs and become a fairly stable unit. I also bring two small tripods, a slik that is tiny and unfolds on skinny legs to work quite well, and a bigger, but still small, regular tripod. The monopod is always in the trunk of my car, here or away. It makes a good walking stick even with a small camera on it.

    You have plans?!?!? :-))

    1. I never thought about monopods .. hmm … I have a gorillapod but that gets tricky with heavy cameras.
      And a Cullmann carbon – in the case I have a plan! :-) It’s not that heavy (1600 gr) without head (another 300gr) but …
      So you travel with one monopod and two tripods – even by plane? Wow. I guess I lack the professionalism, eh? Or I am simply lazy … ;-)

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