Then he was gone, and it was over

“Then he was gone, and it was over” – Hand on the Shoulder by Ian McEwan

10 thoughts on “Then he was gone, and it was over

  1. I like the tones and composition of this picture. Very nicely done, Martina. I’m assuming it one of the great cathedrals in Germany. Which one is it?

    1. It’s the same cathedral I have shown in the last days, the Münster in Dinkelsbühl. I haven’t left the spot (virtually) in the last two weeks or so …too many nice photos to show. And nice memories for me, so … everyone has to endure the results of my last fishing trip for some more days, ;-)

  2. Inverted ship it is. When they began a cathedral they took a huge iron pot to the site, filled it with water, and then, took readings off of its level surface.

    It’s magnificent, Martina. Beauteous.

      1. All the technology originally came from ship builders. The guilds became the driving force over time but the boat wrights came first. And they’re built on sacred/Pythagorean geometry principles as opposed to Euclidean. I let you research that for yourself. It’s life altering to understand the difference between the two.

  3. I lost you! You must have moved when I was on my blog break and I didn’t realise why your blog was not moving up to the top of my blog list.

    When you comment on my blog today I thought I should go investigate.

  4. Hmm I could have sworn you have been here before … hmm … but alas, I know … so many blogs, so many photos, so much Internet ;-) I know.
    Nice to see you here – see, I do some sweet wayfaring sometimes, too …

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