And then it was time to go somewhere else

“And then it was time to go somewhere else” – Nested Scrolls by Rudy Rucker

6 thoughts on “And then it was time to go somewhere else

  1. This is fantastic! The first thing I saw was a shaman’s mask, screaming in the grass, then the cows, but I keep coming back to a face. You nailed this one!

  2. Shaman’s mask? And here I thought it was an alien space craft put down for some extensive repair before heading for a distant star. The cows were just protective decoration to throw off the native population.

    1. Hmm — seems that Captain Kirk made some mistakes … the saucer section is missing and the captain’s vessel, too … hm … warp core breach?

      1. Don’t think it was a warp core breach. If it was, there would be nothing left but dust. No, I think this vessel is from the dogone system and is having some problems with their flux capacitor.

        1. Yes, of course you are right – unless the saucer section would have made it into atmopshere … but really, I have never seen cows driving a DeLorean so I am not sure about the flux capacitor thing …. on the other hand – you are the one who knows about this stuff – vehicles, motors and things …

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