I was beginning to see everything as a mathematical form

“I was beginning to see everything as a mathematical form” – Nested Scrolls by Rudy Rucker

12 thoughts on “I was beginning to see everything as a mathematical form

    1. That’s nice. That you love it, I mean. Not sure if it is nice calculating curves until 4am … . Did you see the acute triangle in the upper left? ;-)
      btw, I do not count curve sketching as one of my talents, no …. ;-)

  1. Great photo and quote. I know people who see the world in terms of mathematics, but I’m not one of them. Love the way each pane in the window is different, a bit like an abstract painting. Mondrian?

    1. Thank you. Me neither. But since I am readiing this autobiography right now I try putting myself in this position – without success. But it’s an interesting experience and it’s also interesting ot think about what the one’s own position is. So far I haven’t come to a conclusion.
      Hmmhmm, not Mondrian .. nope. Even the original has only subdued colouring. But now, that you mentioned abstract painting … yes … there is something … someone … … … … fifteen minutes later und I haven’t found what I was looking for … so let’s say Mondrian in b/w … ;-)

        1. “Composition with Gray and Light Brown” by Mondrian has almost the same colours as the original photo … and he did b/w (I didn’t know that): “Church Facade,1914” for example

          1. I didn’t know that either. I often think of this work at the Chicago Art Institute which is very brightly colored and geometric. But then perhaps Chicago doesn’t have the widest range of his stuff. It’s good to learn something new every day.

          2. You know what’s really annoying? The first thing that _always_ comes to my mind is the L’Oréal campaign of hair products in 1986. Bah!

  2. Oh how annoying your photos are not showing up for me when I click to make a comment, and I don’t get to see any more than the thumbnail on the home page … sigh.

    1. Ohh, I am sorry. I don’t know why the Australian Internet seems to hate my blogs :-( … the wp installation isn’t quite as responsive as the google stuff is, that’s right. But usually everything works fine. So far. Sigh. I do hope it was just a temporary glitch.

    1. Thank you … yes … an old barn window as a geometrical abstraction … if only the farmer could hear this ;-) .. but I liked it, too.

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