The air was so still that I could hear the world turning

“The air was so still that I could hear the world turning” – Nested Scrolls by Rudy Rucker

6 thoughts on “The air was so still that I could hear the world turning

  1. Can’t tell you how I would like to see some clouds like these. It would mean rain. We’ve seen less than .1 inches this month, and crops are burning up. Our temperatures are near or above triple digits (34-41 C).

    1. Yes, I’ve read about the drought in the US … it’s in the news here as well. :-(

      I would be glad to send some ot fhe clouds and the rain to your place … mushroom season has already begun here – two months early.

    2. Btw – I posted today’s photo before reading your comment. I wouldn’t have posted it otherwise.

      Today was the first summerly day in weeks/months … mostly raining and too cold around here since May. Farmer’s are complaining too, since the winter was too cold and then it never really got warm enough.

      1. Don’t ever eliminate such an excellent photo because of some comment I may have made. You are just a step ahead of me as I’ve been looking for a ripe wheat field around here. There are a couple, but they are not quite ready to be photographed yet. The wheat must be just right, like your photo shows.

        1. But it would have been very inconsiderate of me to post a photo of blue sky, green vineyards, dark green trees, golden ripe corn (all things you don’t see of course ;-))after we were talking about the drought. So … therefore … that’s why … I mentioned it.

          1. I was thinking for shooting some dead crop pictures, but haven’t had a chance yet. This year may be worse than 1988 which is the last time we had a serious drouth. There were a few sprinkles of rain today, but not enough to measure.

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