8 thoughts on “Nothing changes, apparently, about love

    1. Haha – this comment really made my day.
      Wild pork btw it’s the German expression for boar. The term boar is “of unknown origin with no cognates outside West Germanic” says the Internet, i.e. The Online Etymology Dictionary.

      1. That’s a great photo. Didn’t know it was a garage door, but knowing that doesn’t help understand the elements in the photo. It must just be taken for itself in terms of shapes, lines, and of course the wild pork.

        1. Thank you very much! What you describe is exactly what I try to do (and love to do): extracting a part of a bigger picture and reduce it to shape, form, lines, darkness and light. That’s why my preferred lens is my 90mm prime, I guess.
          It there is wild pork in it: even better ;-)

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