Seeing the color red

“Seeing the color red” – Reamde by Neal Stephenson

6 thoughts on “Seeing the color red

  1. Es curioso como destaca, asomándose entre las ramas y hojas verdes, da la sensación de que tuviese vida, como un robot de inteligencia artificial y nos observara.

    1. I have some winter chrysanthemums outside who just start blooming – my therapy against the lack of colours in autumn and winter. Around here it’s mostly grey and dark until March/April. Hard months.

  2. Grey and dark. That’s the way it was where we lived before. Burlington, Vermont is the second cloudiest city in the US. Two hundred cloudy days a year, mostly concentrated in the Autumn and Winter. So I feel your pain. I’ll try to send some color your way this year.

    1. No wonder Carl Zuckmayer felt at home in Vermont.

      Today it’s the third day of rain. No break. I grow webbings.

      Around here it’s either bad weather. Or good weather. Bad vs. good weather: 90vs.30 %. With good weather the chances are 50:50 that the high fog vanishes. So good weather might mean, dry and cold and wind from the East but no sky. High fog.
      River valley. That’s what it is.
      Me=waiting for spring.

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