He looked kind of familiar

“He looked kind of familiar” – Reamde by Neal Stephenson

10 thoughts on “He looked kind of familiar

          1. Haha, you are quoting the Dierks Bentley song?
            Not that I have known this singer before but curious as I am I searched for the words. Of course. ;-)

          2. Yes, it was Dierks Bentley. I remembered the song lyric, but not the singer until you mentioned him. I think there was also an older blues or rock n’ roll song with a similar lyric? Can’t place it just now.

          3. No idea. I just searched for it, found the lyrics:

            Come a little closer, baby I feel like layin’ you down On a bed sweet surrender Where we can work it.

            and thought: Okaaaay, English lyrics can be as stupid as German lyrics.

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