Because what do we know of other times really?

“Because what do we know of other times really?” – The Semplica-Girl Diaries by George Saunders

12 thoughts on “Because what do we know of other times really?

  1. Una construcción megalítica!!!! siempre me han gustado estos lugares por la historia que guardan.
    Buena foto, buen blanco y negro

  2. In Ireland these megalithic portal tombs are called dolmens. They are scattered over Ireland, but didn’t realize they existed in your part of the World as well. We do know something of the construction, but little of the ceremony, ritual, or religious beliefs of the builders. Love the ancient, dead tree in front. It just adds a sense of antiquity.

        1. I assume there is a story behind that that I don’t know … let me do some research … tall – small – table – side … google should come up with something … hmm, google came up with IKEA ….

          1. Ah – boyfriend was just doing some research the moment your comment came … but right now he is telling me something about magic mushrooms and Jefferson Airplane r … and yes, about white rabbits. Sounds interesting. The psychedelic version of Alice in Wonderland it seems is what he found.
            Thank you – perhaps I should read it some time … and quote it, too … ;-)

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