She looked down at the sidewalk until she was past

“She looked down at the sidewalk until she was past” – Demeter by Maile Meloy

9 thoughts on “She looked down at the sidewalk until she was past

  1. There is a women with a serious shopping addiction to have to avoid the attraction of dress dummies. Odd to have clothing mannequins with a no-right-turn traffic sign. Once again an excellent photo and quote.

  2. Martina, that’s just perfect! It took me a while to really take in all the details and to discern the real from the fake, and that makes it even better!

    1. :-) – thank you very much.
      You know what really annoys me? This little triangular piece of clothes in the lower left corner. It always jumps at me whenever I look at the photo. Duh. But I guess the shopkeeper wouldn’t have been too happy with me re-arranging his/her stuff, ;-).

  3. Brilliant! I love the French (European?) way of putting mannequins in the street instead of behind glass. Especially in Black and White, they blend into the crowd. Great fun.

    1. Thanks a lot!

      Now you got me. I have no idea if this is a French thing or a European thing .. don’t ask me if Germans put the mannequins in the street. It’s like with the color codes at gas pumps – I never realised it until you mentioned it.
      I have to see next time I go shopping .-)
      With France, resp. Provence, it think the narrow streets on one hand and the general urban setting on the other hand emphasize the surrealism: this is no mall. This is no shopping center. Just a street.
      I always wondered if and who realised how many humans are shown in

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