Some kind of weather coming

“Some kind of weather coming” – Demeter by Maile Meloy

10 thoughts on “Some kind of weather coming

      1. Oh now don’t be going all nostalgic on me. If you lived in Provence all of the time you wouldn’t appreciate it……well, that’s probably wrong. It’s getting cold there! Well probably not as cold as where you are. You’ll be back there soon, all you have to do is make it through winter..arghhh. OK sighhhhhhhhhh

        1. I don’t think anything can be as cold as the Mistral.
          This was the very first photo I took this year in Aups. Arrived, took the camera, went outside (after the rain stopped, ;-)).
          Today we had our first snow. Quite early, usually it doesn’t snow until the end of December. While November had been unusual mild (mild, that is 5 to 8 °C).

          1. Weather is always interesting and changing. Yesterday was bright sunshine with warm temperatures, much above average for this time of year. Today we get more of the same. December is coming warm and sunny, but I know brutal cold is just an arctic cold front away. I’m packing to go to Texas today.

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